UNILO: Promoting the EQF Learning Outcome approach within European universities

IMPORTANT NOTE: Project website temporarly available at: http://empleo.ugr.es/unilo/

European Qualifications Framework – EQF

Project number: 167178-LLP-1-2009-ES-KA1-KA1EQF

Duration: from 1/03/2010 to 30/04/2012

The project aims to:

    • Encourage take-up of Learning Outcomes in Higher Education Institutions, in particular by course/programme managers, careers guidance officers and students.
    • Enhance the use of Learning Outcomes by:

Making it easier to develop and use Learning Outcomes
Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of Learning Outcome uses
Adding value to Learning Outcome use, by developing new applications and new users (for example careers guidance officers)

  • Create a self-sustaining capability which continues promoting the use of Learning Outcomes after the end of the UNILO project.

The project’s outcomes have done this by:

    • Identifying current usage and constraints
    • Writing a series of detailed investigations of best practice
    • Setting up a web-based community of those interested in the use of Learning Outcomes in Higher Education
    • Creating a toolkit for Learning Outcomes in Higher Education

The Bologna process commits European universities to base their courses on Learning Outcomes, and the European Qualifications Framework is based on Learning Outcomes too. The extent of adoption of Learning Outcomes varies considerably across the European Higher Education Area.
The UNILO project is funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union, from March 2010 to February 2012. The University of Granada is project contractor, supported by Scienter Espana as international coordinator and a further 9 partners from a total of 9 countries.

UNILO builds on solid relations among the partners forming this consortium. The initial idea started at the ECG – Employability and Career Guidance Task Force of the Coimbra Group where the Granada, Padova and Jagiellonian Universities stressed the importance of career services to clarify and serve as link with the students to raise awareness and understanding of the Learning Outcome approach.

For more information, please check the Unilo Poster and the Project leaflet.